Consider A Wooden Craft As A Great Gift For Dad

1 June 2016
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Dads are very important. Although ties, socks and even cologne are nice, they don't always spell out just how important fathers are. Whether it's Father's day, a birthday or just a you're special to me gift, make sure you are thinking outside the box when looking for something special to give your father. Wood craft gifts are a great place to begin your search.  


Plaques aren't just for employee of the year or the team MVP. A plaque is also a great gift for dad. When choosing a wooden plaque, the options are near limitless. First, have the plaque designed in a wood that is most reflective of your dad's style. If your dad is more sophisticated, cherry is a good option.

If he is more casual, a distressed wood plaque is a choice. With all the busy demands of life, you don't always have the opportunity to say everything to your father you want. You can use the space on the plaque to say those words.  

Game Set

Another unique gift idea for your father is a game set. Consider which game option your dad will enjoy best. Some popular options include checkers, a four-across game or chess. In terms of checkers and chess, one of the greatest things about this type of woodcraft is the fact that you can have the pieces designed in whatever image you like.

For example, if your father is a marine life enthusiast you could have the pieces designed as different fish, instead of the traditional pieces. In addition to a great gift, a wooden game set is a conversation piece and something your dad will enjoy using.


When you think about a picture, you typically think about a photograph. However, you can have just about any image transferred to a wood panel, through a process known as wood transfer. This gift idea allows you to put a unique spin on a traditional photograph and serves as a great decorative element for any space.

If you don't want to do a traditional family photo, you could choose a photo from a special moment in your life, such as your wedding day or even a landscape photo of one of your father's favorite vacation spots.

 Make sure you are taking your time to find the perfect gift for your father. Your gift won't just be appreciated today, but the superior durability of wood makes it a gift that can and will be appreciated for many years to come. Contact a business, such as Craftworks Wood & Wire, for more information.